Fiji Times

April 2012

Australian Sports Outreach Program sends Sensei Edji Zenel on Training Seminar to Fiji

Earlier this year Sensei Edji Zenel accepted an invitation by the Australian Sports Outreach Program (ASOP) to conduct a special karate seminar in Natabua, Fiji. Sensei Edji provided new training strategies over 4 days to athletes of the Lautoka Shotokan Karate Club. ASOP provides national sporting organisations with access to advice and resources, including funding, management and education.

Download the PDF (196kb)

City Homicide

November 2010

Australian School of Shotokan Karate featured in City Homicide on Channel Seven

In 2010 Sensei Edji Zenel was approached by Channel Seven to feature the ASSK Dojo, himself and the students in an episode of City Homicide. The episode was titled Killer Moves and involved Allie and Duncan investigating a murder in the world of Shotokan Karate. Fortunately it was all fiction, but involved an exciting (and exhausting) day for Sensei Edji and the class to act as a training backdrop for the program. Although several minutes of the Dojo were actually shown, only a few seconds can be seen in the following promo trailer. It wasn't exactly a Jackie Chan movie set, but heaps of fun nonetheless.