Sensei Edji Zenel is ranked 6th dan black belt, recognised by the Japan Karate Association (JKA) and a karate instructor since 1977.

Edji Zenel is the Chief Instructor of the Japan Karate Association (Thornbury Dojo). He began karate training as a teenager in 1974 in Melbourne, Victoria. Due to his natural talent and dedication he was asked to open a school in 1977 in Preston. Edji is passionate about karate and has devoted his life to martial arts, and training is an integral part of his daily routine. Edji has travelled extensively around the world to train under renowned karate masters in the pursuit of expanding his knowledge and his commitment to providing the highest level of instruction to the school. His qualifications are internationally certified and he is a government accredited instructor. Over the years, Edji's passion and commitment has lead to his personal involvement in competing, judging and coaching competitions. He has won numerous national karate titles in kata (forms) and kumite (fighting), in All Style plus Shotokan championships. In 1987 an independent Martial Arts magazine voted Edji the number one competitor in kata and kumite. Edji Zenel is dedicated to promoting the art of karate-do as well as spreading the philosophy and spirit of Shotokan Karate.